New Build Luxury Staging | Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow Luxury Home Staging

New Build Luxury Staging | Preston Hollow

Location: Preston Hollow, Dallas
Client: Home Builder


When our client’s vacant home wasn’t moving on the market, they called us in to stage it. We immediately noticed beautiful fixed elements and finishes and knew we should highlight these in the staging design.


The Perfect Scale

Because this home had great, tall walls and fireplaces, it was really important that we scale the artwork, lighting, rugs, and furniture appropriately. (Scaling these items too small is a common mistake first-time stagers make.) The result is a home that feels luxurious, comfortable, and regal.


Relisted and Sold in 1 Week

Our work paid off. The home sold within 1 week of being relisted as a staged home. 


Is your new build ready to stand out on the market? Let us stage it for the price point it deserves!


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